Scottish Oysters | 蘇格蘭生蠔

After searching for a while, I found there are Oyster selling on Ocado. Each box contains 12 pcs of Scottish Oysters, sold at £12. I also bought 5 pcs of lemons, sold at £1.05.


Two Boxes of Scottish Oysters | 兩盒蘇格蘭生蠔

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Oyster shucker knife and gloves were purchased from Amazon at £11.99.


Oyster Shucker Knife and Gloves | 開蠔刀與手套

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To open the oysters, I learnt it from YouTube. It’s not really difficult. For these two dozen of oysters, I used over one hour to open them. Eating was simple and took only a few mins, but the opening work took me over 100 minutes.


Opened Oysters | 已開生蠔

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